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“Jewelry Duty” Friday

It’s sure been a windy week here in the Midwest, a sure sign that winter’s just around the corner.  We’ve been pretty lucky with the weather though, considering it’s the end of October.  Very soon we’ll be shoveling our way out of the studio.

This week I’d like to feature two artists that I had the pleasure of meeting while spending some time in Arizona last winter.  They are extremely talented as you will see by visiting their websites:

Troy Moody – It’s funny how I met Troy.  It was in a parking lot outside of a stained glass store in Mesa.  A very nice young man with a lot of talent.  Looking at his work, I think he is definitely going places.  Great job Troy!

Anne Coe – I had the thrill of meeting Anne in her home/studio in Apache Junction.  What a delightful, colorful artist.  I could have honestly stayed there all day visiting with Anne.  Her paintings are a story on canvas. I just love Anne and her beautiful paintings!

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