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“Jewelry Duty” Friday

As we wrapped up another week and look forward to kicking back and enjoying the weekend, I want to spotlight a couple of artists that command recognition.  I am totally fascinated with glass blowing and am just dieing to try my hand at it.  Watching a glass blower do their dance with hot, molten glass commands respect as well as recognition:

Burchetta Glassblowing Studio & Gallery –  I follow John on Twitter and recently watched his video on his and Elizabeth’s website. I would love to visit this gallery someday located in Wilmington, NC.  Nice video John!

Ciccotti Art Glass - Though not a native of Iowa, Art Ciccotti is known in Iowa for his blown glass.  I have not yet had the pleasure of meeting Art, but I am totally excited to visit his studio in the near future and watch him work in person, or maybe take a class from him.  I’ll be calling you Art!

Photo by:  walknboston on Flickr

Brake Line Tube Used in Lampwork


Brake Line Tube used to blow glass

Yesterday we talked about mandrels and how you can cut costs by making your own from stainless steel welding rod.  But what is that odd ended thing in the photo on the right?  It is a piece of brake line tubing.  This is a little trick that another lampworker taught me years ago.  You use it to blow smaller glass balls and ornaments.  I got mine at the local automotive supply store. They were also kind enough to cut it in two for me.  (got that with a smile)

I’ve had fun playing with my brake line tube.  I practice blowing small ornaments every now and then but could probably use more practice, or maybe a glass blowing class would be fun.

What’s your favorite glass blowing tip?

The Masters at Play

I hope everyone is enjoying the fabulous weather we’ve been having lately, I know I have.Today I would like to share a YouTube video of some great Italian glass artists who took the time to collaborate on a project that would change children’s toys into a unique piece of art. Pay attention to the intricate detail that is achieved on such a large scale. It is truly amazing!

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