Iowa State Fair ~ A Must See

The Iowa State Fair 2010

The Iowa State Fair 2010

The Iowa State Fair is not a fair to laugh about.  Any fair that attracts 1,000,000 + visitors in 10 days has to be something special!   Yesterday my husband, Steve and I went to the fair for a day.  I was feeling sort of under the weather but decided to suck it up since he took the day off of work, and go enjoy the day.  The first building we went into, the animal learning center was full of people and animals alike. In this building, there are lots of animals ready to give birth and eggs ready to hatch.   Our timing was perfect.  We watched a cow give birth to her calf.  When she gave the final push, and her baby arrived, the crowd cheered for her.  It was truly an amazing site.

We also toured through the vendor demo area and watched a pottery demonstration, sand sculpture, and glass blowing by Becky from DragonShire Glass in Grinnell.  She does a wonderful job with both stained glass and fusing and is a good teacher.

We enjoyed everything about the fair from the photography, the new horse facility, the giant pumpkins, the butter cow sculptures, all the various foods on a stick and of course, the people watching.

What  do you think is the best part of the Iowa State fair?  Please share . . .

Photo by Flickr and Vanhookc

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